0740 - Photo: John Smith.

Not quite so glorious was the 12th August 1981 - not in Aberdeen anyway - 55010 (D9010) "KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERER" waits to depart a wet 'Granite City' with the 1G20 18:23 Aberdeen - Edinburgh service...

0763 - Photo: Mike Cooper.

...Later 55010 approaches Montrose, about to pass under the Brechin Road, with the 1G20 18:23 Aberdeen - Edinburgh. 55010 would later be dispatched from Edinburgh powering the 1E42 23:15 Edinburgh - King's Cross, though No.10 was removed at York for a 'C' examination that would ultimately lead to a Doncaster Works visit on the 18th August, for a No.1 power unit exchange due to flashover damage to the main generator.