1632 - Photo: Gerry Capelin.

On the 28th September 1981 55011 (D9011) "THE ROYAL NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS" suffered a power unit failure whilst working the 1A34 20:19 York - King's Cross service and was restricted to one power unit thereafter. Remaining on menial duties the locomotive is seen on Sunday 25th October 1981 having arrived Darlington with the 1N03 21:20 service from Newcastle. A power unit, the last to be repaired, was being made ready at Doncaster, however, decisions were made and 55011 was withdrawn on the 8th November as a sacrifice to 55022 (D9000) "ROYAL SCOTS GREY" it also requiring a power unit and on decision ay York TMD. 55011's No.1 power unit (434) was donated to 55022 at Stratford TMD and the last repaired unit (424) was fitted to 55017 (D9017) "THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY" at Doncaster in Mid November.