2979 - Photo: 2013 - 53A Models of Hull Collection (D R Vickers).

Due to a shortage of Doncaster Works test coaches 55006 (D9006) "THE FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY" was added to the 1S12 05:50 King's Cross - Aberdeen service at Doncaster on the 23rd June 1979 and piloted the train as far as Darlington, locomotive 55012 (D9012) "CREPELLO", in charge from King's Cross, remaining on the train. 55006 was on release from Doncaster following its final classified repair and it was the first instance of Doncaster using a service train in order to test a locomotive for some considerable time. Several double headed Deltics followed...

0024 - Photo: Paul Gash (courtesy of Brian Grey).

...55006 (D9006) "THE FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY"  and 55012 (D9012) "CREPELLO" wait at York with the 1S12 05:50 King's Cross - Aberdeen service on the 23rd June 1979.

23/06/79 - 1S12 05:50 King's Cross - Aberdeen, from Doncaster to Darlington (piloting 55012). Deltic Deadline No.10.