2566 - Photo: Charles Osta.

Two days after receiving white window surrounds 55015 (D9015) "TULYAR" found itself at Stratford open day on Saturday 14th July 1979. 55015's immaculate appearance was due to the fact it had been released from Doncaster Works on the 5th May following its final intermediate overhaul and Finsbury Park had continued to lavish attention to the loco including the plating over of the destination blinds...

3165 - Photo:  Nigel Petre Collection.

...55015 (D9015) "TULYAR" at Stratford TMD on the 14th July 1979....

0811 - Photo: Nigel Petre.

...Adorned with "The Hull Executive" headboard 55015 (D9015) "TULYAR" is seen at Stratford open day on the 14th July 1979.

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