1604 - Photo: Bassetlaw (North Notts) Railway Society Image Archive.

Turned out from Doncaster Works following General repair D9018 "BALLYMOSS" is returned south via the 1B14 13:35 Doncaster - King's Cross service on 18th March 1966 - the ensemble is seen on Gamston Bank south of Retford.

D9018 had the following work carried out during the General repair dated 05-17.03.66: No.2 power unit 457 'BC' crankshaft inner viscous damper and quill shaft fractured - power units No.1 438 replaced by 452 & No.2 457 replaced by 453, bogies No.1 9000-39 replaced by 9000-47 & No.2 9000-40 replaced by 9000-48 and boiler 1491/J2947 replaced by 5086/J3237.