3067 - Photo:  Antony Guppy.

55001 (D9001) "ST. PADDY" makes the short journey from Finsbury Park to King's Cross, in order to work the 1S21 11:00 service for Edinburgh on the 20th November 1976. Western Region celebrity D1023 "WESTERN FUSILIER" emerges from Gasworks Tunnel with a Western Farewell railtour for York...

2623 - Photo: David Hayes.

55001 (D9001) "ST. PADDY" approaches Grantham with the 1S21 11:00 King's Cross - Edinburgh on the 20th November 1976. Six days later the locomotive entered Doncaster Works for its final Intermediate repair, as it turned out it was to be 55001's final classified repair as the loco was out of service by 1978 and was the first casualty among the Deltic withdrawals, along with 55020 (D9020) "NIMBUS", in early 1980.

20/11/76 - 1S21 11:00 King's Cross - Edinburgh. Power of the Deltics: Plate 183.