3000 - Photo: Trevor Dorrington.

55020 (D9020) "NIMBUS" pauses at York on the 16th September 1977 with the 1S12 07:45 King’s Cross - Edinburgh "The Silver Jubilee" service - 55020 would only have charge of the titled 1S12 on one other occasion, however, would not work throughout and came of the service at York on the 3rd October 1977...

2866 - Photo: Alistair Holt (the late Keith Holt Collection).

...55020 (D9020) "NIMBUS" hauls the non-stop 1E20 15:00 Edinburgh - King’s Cross "The Silver Jubilee" service through York on the 16th September 1977 - this was 55020's first and only appearance on 1E20.