1259 - Photo: Paul Bettany.
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Only days after receiving the white window surrounds, which became the trademark of Finsbury Park TMD, 55003 (D9003) "MELD" arrives at King's Cross with the 1E01 07:58 Berwick - King's Cross service. Due to the collapse of the Penmanshiel Tunnel, north of Berwick, one month earlier, Anglo-Scottish services were terminating at or originating from either Berwick or Newcastle, with overnight and few day-time services traversing the section between Newcastle and Edinburgh via Carlisle. A shuttle service was in operation between Dunbar and Edinburgh with bus links between Berwick and Dunbar. This disruption continued until August 1979... 

1258 - Photo: Paul Bettany.

...King's Cross Loco closed at the end in May 1979 which made 55003 (D9003) "MELD" the only white-cabbed loco to visit the stabling point. Here 55003 performs the King's Cross shuffle, a move required to get the locomotive from one of the platforms into the yard for servicing, on the 14th April 1979 after arrival with the 1E01 07:58 Berwick - King's Cross service. The wisp of Napier clag seen to the extreme right of the photo (above 55003) is emanating from 55018 (D9018) "BALLYMOSS" which was making ready to work north with the 1L18 18:09 King’s Cross - York train.

14/04/79 - 1E01 07:58 Berwick - King's Cross. Deltic Deadline No.89: cover (not 1A12 as stated).