1403 - Photo: Mike Cooper.

Nearing the end of an epic journey 55003 (D9003) "MELD" passes Ferryhill, near Aberdeen, with the 1S12 05:50 King's Cross - Aberdeen service (which it worked throughout) on the 27th October 1980...

1402 - Photo: Mike Cooper.

...Enjoying a well earned rest 55003 shares Aberdeen Ferryhill TMD with 55010 (D9010) "THE KING'S OWN SCOTTISH BORDERER" on the 27th October 1980. 55003 worked away from the Granite City with the 1E26 16:30 Aberdeen - Leeds service, whilst 55010 had arrived via the 1A28 11:00 Edinburgh - Aberdeen and would return south with the 1E43 20:35 Aberdeen - King's Cross as far as Edinburgh.