3454 - Photo: Nigel Petre Collection.

Perhaps one of the more unusual highlights in the Deltics career was the re-instatement of the white window surrounds to the Finsbury Park fleet in 1979. 55003 (D9003) "MELD" was the first to be so adorned, in a moral boosting attempt by The Park's staff, after the announcement that the depot would close as a Traction Maintenance Depot in 1981. The white paint was applied at the depot in early April 1979, whilst the loco was stopped for a 'B' examination,  prior to it working the 1G31 08:15 King's Cross - York "The Northumbrian Limited" railtour on the 7th of the month.
here 55003 is seen by many for the first time in such condition as it stands at York on the 7th after arrival with the railtour. The tour should have worked forward to Carlisle with 4771 "GREEN ARROW" but instead the V2 took the train on a 'mystery trip', which took in Sheffield on a round trip back to York, as the Penmanshiel Tunnel collapse led rise to pathing problems north of York and especially via Newcastle to Carlisle.

07/04/79 - 1G31 King's Cross - York, SLOA "Northumbrian Limited" railtour. Deltic Dynasty: Page 148.