0118 - Photo: Paul Bettany.

Having been stored pending 55002's safe delivery to the National Railway Museum at York 55005 (D9005) "THE PRINCE OF WALES OWN REGIMENT OF YORKSHIRE" waits her alternate fate - the cutters torch - at Doncaster Works on the 27th February 1982...

1296 - Photo: Paul Bettany.

...As the only two Deltics to carry Yorkshire titles within their names 55002 "THE KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY" was first choice for the NRM with No.5 second. The chance to save 55005 should anything untoward befall No.2 was taken after 55005 was withdrawn in February 1981.

27/02/82 - Doncaster Works (farewell open day). Deltic Deadline No.94: Page 9.