0784 - Photo: Paul Gildersleve.

On Friday 30th May 1980 55005 (D9005) "THE PRINCE OF WALES'S OWN REGIMENT OF YORKSHIRE" waits at Hull with the 1D62 21:00 service for Doncaster. The 1D62 was the return working of the prestigious 1D04 17:05 King's Cross - Hull "The Hull Executive" service and was usually followed by the 1D62 03:55 Doncaster - Hull on the following morning. This would enable the locomotive to be in place for the return 'up' "The Hull Executive" the 1A04 07:00 Hull - King's Cross, however, very often the locomotive would be found alternative work once it arrived at Doncaster and on this occasion 55005 would return south with the 1A41 21:20 Bradford - King's Cross, from Doncaster.