1016 - Photo: Paul Bettany.
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Due to faults on locomotive 55008 (D9008) "THE GREEN HOWARDS" whilst powering the1A13 09:33 Hull - King's Cross on 12th July 1980 sister locomotive 55009 (D9009) "ALYCIDON" was added at Doncaster. The pairing is seen as it arrives at Grantham...

1015 - Photo: Paul Bettany.

...55009 and 55008 wait for departure from Peterborough with the 1A13 09:33 Hull - King's Cross on 12th July 1980...

1014 - Photo: Paul Bettany.

...Later in the day 55009 (D9009) "ALYCIDON" returns north with the 1L44 16:05 King's Cross - York service and is seen on arrival at Grantham.

12/07/80 - 1A13 09:33 Hull - King's Cross, from Doncaster (piloting 55008). Deltic Deadline No.17: Page 20.