0199 - Photo: Paul Gildersleve.

Waiting for a three pronged attack on the ECML on the 22nd May 1979 are (from left to right) 55009 (D9009) "ALYCIDON" with the 1D08 19:35 to Hull, 55010 (D9010) "THE KING'S OWN SCOTTISH BORDERER" with the 1S60 20:00 King's Cross - Aberdeen and 55014 (D9014) "THE DUKE OF WELLINGTONS REGIMENT" awaiting departure with the 1S66 20:15 King's Cross - Edinburgh.
Twenty years later (to the day) 55009 as D9009 "ALYCIDON" would depart King's Cross again on its return to the mainline as a Deltic Preservation Society owned locomotive.