0141 - Photo: Paul Bettany.

Having been stabled at Doncaster TMD 55009 (D9009) "ALYCIDON" waits to depart Doncaster for York light engine on the 5th May 1980...

1499 - Photo: Paul Bettany.

...55009 was required at York to work the 1A26 15:50 service to King's Cross...

1498 - Photo: Paul Bettany.
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...On Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 1980 55009 (D9009) "ALYCIDON" waits at Doncaster with the 1A26 15:50 York - King's Cross service - 55014 (D9014) "THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON'S REGIMENT" had worked north with the 1L42 12:20 King's Cross - York and would normally have been diagrammed to return with 1A26, the locomotive more than likely being required for exam at York TMD.