1536 - Photo: Ian Hammond collection.

A press release photo of un-named prototype "DELTIC" in 1955 at Netherton Works, Liverpool.

The locomotive had arrived at Netherton for static tests following completion at Dick Kerr Works, Preston. The locomotive was first ordered by EE Traction Division at Bradford from EE Preston works on the 20th November 1951 and was coded DP1 (Diesel Prototype No.1) and was intended to be called "ENTERPRISE". Acceptance trials began in November 1955 but mainly under the cover of darkness on freight services between Liverpool and London, its first passenger working being the up "Merseyside Express" on the 13th December 1955 returning via the down "Shamrock Express" to Liverpool...

1293 - Photo: ANP UNCE HMR ( Marco van Zoen collection).

...ANP press photo of DP1 "DELTIC" now named and dated 18th October 1955 and intended for use in newspapers of the Netherlands.

Original Dutch legend on the rear of the photo reads;
"De sterkste "loc" ter wereld.
Een nieuwe engelse dieselelectrische locomotief maakt op het ogenblik
proefritten in Noordwest Engeland.
Het is de "Deltic", die de krachtigste dieselelectrische machine ter
wereld is. Het gecaarte, dat 106 ton weegt, werd vervardigd bij de
Prestonfabrieken en is uitgerust met twee motoren (tweetakt) met elk
achttien cilinders. De verwachte topsnelheid is meer dan 135 km/u.
18 october 1955. Foto ANP UNCE HMR."

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