Super Detailing the Heljan O Gauge Deltic

23/08/15: No Going Back...

After removal of the bulky cast motor support arms the motor is still going to need supporting. Here I've removed the sleeve that surrounds the motor - this is going to form the new support. A small washer has been soldered to the support and the right hand side gearbox cover requires drilling (1.6mm) and tapping to 10BA.

To allow access for the drill the right hand side motor support has been eased out (still not committed to its removal). The small 10BA bolt can be seen from beneath - it has to be the right hand side gearbox cover that is drilled as the left hand side is a solid section.

No going back! The right hand side motor support is removed.

Filed flat the gearbox covers are re-connected. The left hand side motor support is retained so as to locate the motor in the correct position and the gearbox cover cleaned in order to allow 'soldering'. Many forums exist to suggest you can solder brass to cast aluminum, this is a form of Tig welding using aluminum solder. I've elected to use JB Weld - a two-pack epoxy resin which can be used to adhere many surfaces, including metal.

Work moves back to the bogie locating support. I decided to use the original support, drilled out to 3mm and the 1/8 brass rod pushed through. Note I have now removed the large washer which formed the top support as the original plastic support now fulfils this objective. Once the desired clearance is obtained the top of the old support is removed (This will now sit lower than the cab floor). I may yet replace this brass insert with 3.5mm brass rod, as opposed to the 1/8 tube, because there is slight 'play' with the new support.

The motor sleeve has two small brackets attached, one with a 10BA nut soldered. These will act as the old motor support brackets did.

The new fabricated motor sleeve is primed and painted matt black - it still requires 'welding' to the left hand side of the gear box. At that point the old left hand side bracket will be removed and the whole gearbox repainted prior to reassembly.