1188 - Photo: Bob Marrow.

Prior to the re-modelled layout DP2 traverses the cluttered north junctions at Peterborough during August 1963 with the 1A14 10:10 King's Cross - Edinburgh service. The 1A14 was usually loaded to 13 coaches , weighing 440 tons tare, and called at Newcastle only, for 3min and to change crews, arriving Edinburgh at 16:30 with an average speed of 62.5mph.

DP2 was not necessarily connected to the fleet of production Deltics, it was in fact it was a Co-Co development of the class 40 and the forerunner to the English Electric class 50 locomotives. Built at the Vulcan Foundry towards the end of the Deltic production line run it took on the appearance of one of the locomotives as the body shell used was very similar to that of a Deltic. Further Deltic similarities included the application of two-tone green livery in 1965 and its use on a specific Deltic diagram from July 1963, having been successfully employed by the London Midland Region from May 1962.

From 15th July DP2 was employed Thus:

King's Cross Diagram 7:
Sunday: Maintenance/1A50 17:10 KX - Newcastle.
Monday: 1A71 00:46 Newcastle - KX (22:30 ex Edinburgh)/1A14 10:10 KX - Edinburgh/1A71 22:30 Edinburgh - KX.
Tuesday-Friday: 1A14 10:10 KX - Edinburgh/1A71 22:30 Edinburgh - KX.
Saturday: 1A19 10:10 KX - Edinburgh/1A65 20:05 Edinburgh - KX.