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3031 - Photo:  Chris Burton.

Driver Jim Cook of Hitchin looks back from the cab of Baby Deltic D5909, whilst waiting at Hitchin with a suburban service for King's Cross, as 'big' Deltic D9005 "THE PRINCE OF WALES'S OWN REGIMENT OF YORKSHIRE" approaches at speed with the 1A46 16:00 King's Cross - Glasgow Queen St. "The Talisman" service on the 31st August 1965.



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_________________ Headlines _________________


01 - Stanley Mathews becomes first professional footballer to be knighted.
03 -
New England shed closes, chances of steam working south of Peterborough
........now considerably reduced.
04 - Poet T.S.Eliot dies.
07 - A two-week package holiday to the Costa Del Sol costs 66 16/- & Greece 93 17/-.
       Ronnie & Reggie Kray are remanded in custody for demanding money with menace.
15 - Sir Winston Churchill is gravely ill after a stroke.
16 - US Air Force jet crashes into house in Wichita, Kansas, 30 dead.
19 - Wilson tells French that Britain is to continue with Concorde despite costs.
20 - Lyndon B.Johnson is sworn in as 36th President of US.
24 - Sir Winston Churchill dies at the age of 90.
30 - Churchill is buried at Blenheim Palace, Oxford.


08 - UK announces cigarette advertising is to be banned from TV.
11 - Ringo Starr marries Maureen Cox.
15 - Singer Nat King Cole dies.
16 - BR publishes plans to slash half of network based on Beeching report.
21 - Black Moslem leader Malcolm X is shot dead in New York.
22 - TSR-2 flies faster than the speed of sound for the first time in UK.
23 - Whisky price war in UK as Distillers sell scotch at 7/- a bottle.
        British born US comedian Stan Laurel dies (Oliver Hardy died in 1957).
26 - Whisky price war spreads to wine as prices drop to 5/6d a bottle.


02 - Roger Moore and Patrick McGoohan are Britain's top-earning actors at 2,000 a week.
04 - David Attenborough is appointed head of BBC2.
07 - Goldie, a Golden Eagle, escapes from London Zoo.
08 - Japanese to compete in UK for saloon car market.
09 - Trial of Kray twins begins in London.
10 - Goldie the eagle is recaptured.
17 - Egyptian King Farouk dies.
27 - Aintree: Jay Trump wins the Grand National.


06 - UK budget puts 4/- on a bottle of Whisky and 1d on a pint.
        Kray Twins are cleared of running a protection racket.
        Julie Andrews wins Oscar for "Mary Poppins".
14 - Dakota Airways plane crashes in Jersey - 26 dead.
18 - Mods and Rockers clash in Brighton - 56 arrested.


01 - FA Cup: Liverpool 2, Leeds United 1.
02 - Scotland Yard appeals for world help in the capture of 3 train robbers still at large.
12 - 10,000 dead in Pakistan after cyclone.
19 - European Cup Winners Cup: West Ham 2, TSV Munich 0.
24 - Government announces Britain is to switch to the metric system.


01 - Death sentence abolished in New York state.
       250 feared dead in Japanese pit explosion.
14 - Two OBE's returned to Buckingham Palace in protest of MBE awards to Beatles.
18 - Drink-Drive limit to be introduced in UK.


04  - Martin Luther King calls for an end to the Vietnam war.
13 - Johnson orders more troops to Vietnam.
15 - US probe 'Mariner IV' sends back pictures of Mars.
20 - UK lords approves bill to abolish hanging.
22 - Sir Alec Douglas Home resigns as Tory leader.
24 - Former light-heavyweight champion Freddie Mills shot dead in London.
27 - Ted Heath becomes Tory leader.
28 - Another 50,000 US troops arrive in Vietnam.
29 - Premiere of Beatles film "Help".
30 - ITV's Coronation Street is most popular TV programme.


01 - Jim Clark wins world motor racing championship.
15 - 55,000 attend Beatles concert at Shea stadium in New York.


22 - India and Pakistan at war over Kashmir.
29 - Aston Martin launch DB6 - its first four-seater.


06 - Heath says he will take UK into the Common Market if elected.
07 - Tallest building in Britain - the 620-foot Post Office Tower - opens.
17 - Body of missing schoolgirl Lesley Ann Downey found in shallow grave in the Pennines.
21 - Police find boy's body in Pennines.
26 - Beatles receive MBE's at Buckingham Palace.
27 - 36 die as airliner crashes at Heathrow airport.
28 - Ian Brady and Myra Hindley charged with "Moors Murders".


01 - Hurricane winds kill seven in UK.
08 - The death sentence is abolished in UK.
09 - Wilson drops plans to nationalize the Steel industry.
24 - An experimental 70mph speed limit is introduced on UK's motorways.
29 - Mary Whitehouse announces National Viewers and Listeners association.


15 - London Zoo's 'Goldie' the Golden Eagle escapes for a second time!
22 - Broadcaster Richard Dimbleby dies of cancer.
24 - A Christmas truce is agreed in Vietnam.
27 - BP's Sea Gem oil rig collapses in north sea - 13 dead.



Background image: BMC's 1,000,000th Mini leaves the production line.