3156 - Photo:  Nigel Petre Collection.

On Sunday 12th 1975 BR allowed 55003 (D9003) "MELD" to power the RPPR 'Deltic Dragon' railtour from Paddington to Cardiff. Here No.3 waits for departure at Paddington...

0592 - Photo: The Jack Faithfull collection (RCTS).

...55003 (D9003) "MELD" gets to grips with the Western Regions metals at Acton Main Line...

3155 - Photo:  Nigel Petre Collection.

...The 'Deltic Dragon' was the first Deltic railtour over the Western Region and heralded a spate of tours prior to the classes demise from 'top-link' services. 55003 (D9003) "MELD" prepares to return at Cardiff central on the 12th October 1975...

0591 - Photo: The Jack Faithfull collection (RCTS).

..."MELD" returns through Acton Main Line on the return journey from Cardiff to London Paddington.

12/10/75 - 1Zxx Paddington - Cardiff, RPPR "Deltic Dragon" railtour. Power of the Deltics: Plate 132.
12/10/75 - 1Zxx Cardiff - Paddington. The Deltics - A Symposium (2nd edition): section 3.