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_________ Power Units (unknown) Serviceable _________

0367 - Photo:  David Wainwright.

A power unit and generator from one member of the class at Doncaster Works on Sunday 19th August 1979.
It is most likely one of the units (425 or 435) destined to be re-fitted to 55012 which was present for generator and traction motor flash-over damage


1372 - Photo: Bob Peach.

...One of the overhauled power units destined for 55002, whilst on works for Intermediate overhaul, at Doncaster Works on 31st October 1980. 55002 had power units 407 and 445 installed upon release. The locomotives boiler water tank is also seen, overhauled and repainted, awaiting re-fitting directly behind the power unit...

1379 - Photo: Bob Peach.

...The loco pit within the Crimpsall erecting shops, at Doncaster Works, on 2nd August 1981 is seen to contain one Deltic power unit (possibly defective 448 from 55019) - all locos (with the exception of Deltics) were lifted into this pit to give sufficient clearance in order to lift their power units into/out of their engine rooms...

1378 - Photo: Bob Peach.

...A Napier Deltic unit (possibly 458 destined for 55019) is seen on a trolley in between Crimpsalls No.2 bay and the wheel alley at Doncaster Works on Sunday 2nd August 1981 - the lifting beam is already in place on the top of the unit.