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1932 - Photo: Bill Wright.

Only a few weeks following General repair, and the application of full yellow ends, D9001 "ST. PADDY" waits with the 1A37 14:00 Edinburgh - King's Cross "The Heart of Midlothian" service at Darlington on the 17th April 1967.



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01 - Following the World Cup Alf Ramsey is Knighted and Bobby Moore receives the OBE.
02 - Ronald Reagan is sworn in as Governor of California.
03 - Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald, dies of a blood clot on the lung.
04 - Donald Campbell dies trying to break the world water speed record on Coniston Water.
........Chart listings show the Ken Dodd Show topped the Christmas ratings.
12 - A new town in Buckinghamshire will occupy 22,000 acres and be called Milton Keynes.
20 - A Mini Cooper wins the Monte Carlo Rally.
27 - Three astronauts die in launch pad rehearsal in the US.


13 - Mayhem at Heathrow as teenagers try to glimpse the 'Monkees' pop group.
26 - US launches major attack on Viet Cong HQ.


01 - The Decimal Currency bill is published.
04 - Third division QPR beat West Brom 3-2 in the League Cup at Wembley.
17 - A star grading for petrol starts in the UK.
19 - Oil tanker Torrey Canyon runs aground of Land's End.
20 - Sir Francis Chichester rounds the Horn on the last leg of his solo world voyage.


08 - Foinavon wins Grand National as most horses fall at the 23rd fence.
26 - A Picasso is sold for $532,000, a record for a living artist, in London.


01 - Ten men steal 700,000 in gold bars from a security van in London.
02 - Wilson announces Britain will seek membership of the EEC.
10 - Bill for enforcing breath-test in road safety becomes law.
20 - FA Cup final: Chelsea 1, Tottenham Hotspur 2.
25 - Celtic are first British team to win European Cup: Celtic 2, Inter Milan 1.


01 - Beatles 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' is released.
03 - 83 die in Pyranees as British airliner crashes.
04 - 78 die as airliner crashes on approach to Manchester.
10 - US actor Spencer Tracy dies.
29 - US actress Jayne Mansfield dies.


01 - BBC 2 begins colour broadcasting.
03 - News At Ten begins on ITV.
08 - UK actress Vivien Leigh dies.
21 - UK actor Basil Rathbone dies.


02 - 8 million Dartford Tunnel opens under the Thames.
27 - Beatles manager Brian Epstein is found dead having taken drug overdose.


03 - Sweden switches to driving on the right.
04 - Following the outlawing of pirate radio 17 ex-pirate DJ's join the BBC.
08 - The families of Aberfan tragedy victims are to receive 5,000 each.
20 - QE2 is launched at Clydebank.
27 - The Queen Mary arrives in the UK after her last cruise.


12 - 66 die as BEA Comet crashes 170 miles west of Cyprus.
31 - The Queen Mary leaves Southampton for the last time bound for Long Beach California.


04 - 37 die as Spanish airliner crashes near London.
05 - 53 die and 90 hurt as train crashes at Hither Green, London.
08 - Leicester Radio, the first BBC local station, opens.
21 - US air force steps up bombing raids against North Vietnam.
.......134,000 animals slaughtered as foot-and-mouth hits UK.
28 - Horse racing is suspended in the UK due to outbreak of foot-and-mouth.


03 - Louis Washkansky receives first human heart transplant.
11 - First Anglo-French Concorde is unveiled in Toulouse.




Background image - 276.33 mph Donald Campbell.